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Civil and Building Construction

The Company undertakes design and construction of building, road, reservoir, drainage, and other utility structures. We also carry out renovation of existing civil structures. We do electrical services and core plumbing works, sanitary hardware installations (bath tubs, wet rooms Jacuzzi and so on).

  • Reconstruction and modelling of existing washrooms, kitchens etc.
  • Installation of water storage facilities.
  • Borehole drilling and maintenance and also connection of user end.

We have delivered best-in-class construction services to our various clients in a wide variety of markets including but not limited to; corporate, commercial, manufacturing, telecommunication, education, retail, government bodies and agencies, financial institutions and civic projects.

Property and Facility Management

A single facility encounters a broad range of maintenance issues daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. To maintain a consistently clean and hygienic residence/workplace and as well ensure efficient running of all the mechanical, electrical and other installations thereby optimizing functionality as well as improving overall quality of life. These include the following:

  • Rental Values determination
  • Rent negotiation and lease renewal terms
  • Janitor Services – Cleaning and Sanitation of both the Interior the exterior
  • Periodic routine inspection of properties
  • Rendering professional advises on properties, repair, dilapidation, refurbishment, renovation etc.
  • Service charge administration and management
  • Rent collection, disbursement and accountability
  • Client’s representation (Attorney) in all tenancy related issues and litigation.

Urban and Property Development

Master Plan development for town, estate, industrial layout and campuses are carried out from conception to planning and execution. We carry out land and building acquisition, title documentation and perfection, valuation for different purposes. We also develop for sale, private estate and structures for our various clients at tenable and profitable prices.